The Latest Interior Design Trends in 2023

The Latest Interior Design Trends in 2023

In the year 2023, we are playing a bit with the design. Warmth, comfort, and relaxation will be at the center of our design decisions as we look to the seventies for inspiration and a revived color palette, embrace dopamine dressing and embrace a little whimsy in the form of playful dopamine dressing.

Even though life has, at least partially, returned to normal following the pandemic, we will continue, well into 2023, to investigate the impact that the pandemic had on our homes and ways of life.

The most prominent trends in interior design for 2023 are driven by a desire to enclose oneself in one's own home. This desire can be expressed in various ways, including creating a "spathroom" for self-care, an immersion in joyful color, or introducing sink-in soft materials such as bouclé for a more literal cocooning effect. We listed some latest interior design trends in 2023 with the help of experts.


The spathroom, often known as a bathroom inspired by a spa, was somewhat of an unavoidable development in the field of interior design. This trend was partly driven by the growing popularity of miniature self-care rooms that may be found within the home. [Case in point:]

The bathroom may be the part of the home that is most committed to rituals. Recently, there has been a surge in demand for spaces inspired by spas that can also serve as private hideaways.

Sparklingly clean kitchens

In the same line as the last example is the incredibly modern and minimalist kitchen, which is typically all-white or gray. There isn't even a single bowl resting on the surface, and heaven forbid there should be any strange marbling in the countertop stone! It's not uncommon for cabinets to have a high-gloss polish, but you'll rarely see appliances with a shiny finish.

Open floor plans 

Earlier in the year, we predicted that the open floor plan would remain popular for the foreseeable future. The fact of the matter is, even after the pandemic, the following reality has not changed: if you live in a city with limited space and your home is where you work, sleep, and do everything else but the dishes, then you want it to work properly as such (separating our desks and pelotons from our living rooms whenever possible).

Not to add, the most endearing features of a house are frequently the tiniest nooks and crannies that have been transformed into something warm and inviting, such as this ideal breakfast nook in an apartment in the Village. Even while the traditional idea of the guest room may no longer be in use, that does not imply that you should stop categorizing through the use of physical spaces. People need to learn the value of boundaries!

Empty white and greige rooms.

The complete greige color palette is taxing for no good reason: Any piece of home decor you come across, as long as it is not white or gray, please send it our way. An all-white color scheme might look streamlined and minimalistic, but it also tends to be devoid of personality or joy. If you're searching for a more accurate representation of this aesthetic, consider decorating the room in all white with just a hint of color; you'll find that it adds a whole new dimension to the room.

Not to mention the fact that an excessive amount of gray can make a room feel depressing. You do not want your location to have the sense that "nobody's home," as the expression goes, because that is not what you want it to convey.

TV-centered living rooms

Screens play an essential role in the daily lives of most people in our day and age. Perhaps to the same degree of significance for the evenings. In light of this, if your arrangement consists of a single sofa oriented toward a screen, it will be challenging to draw anyone. Find a method to make your environment more dynamic, no matter how little it is, and don't let the size stop you. Let's chat with each other, even if that means positioning the sofas so that they face each other instead of the wall or adding an extra lounge chair to the corner of the room.

Painted borders

Playing with the structure and perspective of a room may be done on a budget with the help of painted borders, which also gives a chance for intriguing color combinations. It encompasses various painted techniques like color blocking and stenciling, and it can bring attention to fascinating alcoves, high ceilings, cornicing, or even obscure unattractive characteristics such as radiators.


As the field of green design gains popularity, interiors are moving away from colors that appear excessively manufactured. The colors are softening and becoming more pleasant to look at. Consequently, interiors flow effortlessly from and into their exterior environments. It is almost transparent that outdoor-indoor blends will become significantly more prevalent among interior design trends in 2023 and the following years.

Futuristic Lavender

Although it has a name that seems like something from the future, Pantone's choice for color of the year is surprisingly approachable. A soft purple pastel, Digital Lavender is likely to bring an air of renewed vitality into any room it inhabits. Additionally, it will be adaptable. The subdued shade can also be used to make 2023 home decor ideas stand out in otherwise neutral environments. In addition, it can potentially be the focal point of a boudoir as the wall color or the bedsheets.

Wellness Flow


We've seen traditional design touches like farmhouse sinks, pantries, lovely ruffled drapes, and classic shaker cabinets paired with gray come to the forefront in our kitchens, which is where the trend known as "heritage" got its start.

The migration of antique and vintage stores online has also helped fuel the heritage trend, which has spread throughout the rest of our homes in the form of classic patterns such as bold stripes and ticking, herringbone flooring and wall paneling, ruffles, and scalloped edges, and reeded glass accessories.

A charming vintage influence characterizes heritage color palettes; examples include mustard yellows, postbox red, black, sage green, and vibrant blue.


Sustainability, intense colors, simplicity, textures, and technology are the primary focuses of the latest interior design trends for 2023. These trends are employed to create useful, aesthetically pleasing rooms indicative of the people inhabiting them.

At The Design Palette, we believe that one of the latest trends in interior design for 2023 will be an increased emphasis on eco-friendly and sustainable materials. This includes using natural resources to produce furniture and decorations, such as bamboo, cork, and recycled wood. In addition, there is a rising movement toward adding indoor plants and greenery into designs to provide a sense of nature and life to the space. This is a trend that has been on the rise in recent years.

Admiring future trends is one thing, but practically incorporating them is another. The good news is that our skilled designers can assist you in developing a classic space. Make an appointment for a free home interior design consultation now!

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